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Body Effects of Mixture of Malt and Milk

Here we will be discussing about what he mixture of malt and milk does to the body when taking it always. Rad carefully under.

I was reading posts randomly on LinkedIn when I bumped into a post that says Malt and milk are not blood boosters.

As a Food Scientist, out of curiosity, I went straight to Google for clarity

All my life, I grew up to know that Malt and milk mixed and taken immediately boost blood level and cure all forms of Anemia(deficiency of the nutrient called IRON)

After extensive research, it became clear that this belief has no scientific evidence and is unrealistic.

Blood tonic needs to be rich in IRON. The body needs and uses iron to make blood, unfortunately, milk has little amount of iron while malt does not have any.

Mixture of malt and milk

Research shows that “Malt and milk only give energy and help replace the energy lost just like other energy drinks. Malt and milk only helps you to gain weight when taken often, however, taking a large amount of milk and Malt just to get fat can increase bad cholesterol “LDL” and can lead to hypertension, heart attack, and heart disease” (Udomoh Eshemokha).

As opposed to the usual Malt and milk, a pumpkin locally known as Ugwu is an alternative. It is a blood booster because it is very high in Iron.

Please note: Drinking malt and milk is not bad, of course, it is sweet and refreshing but it doesn’t help in boosting or building blood, it only helps in gaining weight. Malt and milk also does not increase sperm count or cure premature ejaculation.

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