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Lemon Drink for Weight Loss and Flat Tummy – how to prepare it

Do you know Lemon water / tea are such an important part of my daily regimen, especially when I eat foods that are a little more on the fattier side (good fats, of course) like a juicy burger?

You will feel much better after drinking sliced lemons in hot water, but you also do this often in the mornings even before or alongside my coffee/espresso or any food.

How to prepare Lemon Drink for Weight Loss and Flat Tummy

There are different method we can prepare lemon drink and they all work towards the same results.

Lemon, ginger and water

You want to lose tremendous weight and have that your desired flat belly? No problem, drink every morning, lemon water mixed with ginger and a little honey to taste… Don’t forget to also watch your diet to ensure you are eating the right foods while at it.

Best time to drink ginger lemon tea for weight loss? First thing in the morning on empty stomach and last thing at night before going to bed.

Lemon, ginger, mint leaf and hot water

Squeeze some lemon into hot water and soak in it, mint leaf for about 10minutes before adding your ginger. Cool and drink thereafter.

Prepare fresh combo every morning like tea to make it fresh for drinking. The combination of lemon water, ginger and mint leaf burn belly fat and increase body metabolism for fat loss.

How to make lemon water for weight loss and Flat tummy

Lemon, water and cucumber

Sliced cucumber soaked in lemon water boost fat metabolism and promote weight loss in the body. Get some.

Lemon, water, mint and cucumber

Cucumber and mint in lemon water plus a little honey taken after exercises or walk outs will put you in the right shape, weight and promote excess fat removal from the body. Take a cup every morning and evening.

Lemon, water and mint leaf

Lemon water and mint leaf with some honey to taste boost fat reduction in the body and weight loss.

Cucumber, lemon, water, mint and ginger.

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