USA Presidential Election Result Update 2020 between Democratic Party and Republican Party

USA Presidential Election Result and USA Senate Result Updates 2020 between Democratic Party and Republican Party, Donald Trump has carried the crucial battleground states of Florida, Texas, Ohio, and Iowa, but Joe Biden has won Arizona, the Associated Press reported.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are two major Candidates for 2020 US Presidential Election.  Joe Biden belong to Democratic Party while Donald Trump for Republican Party.

Live update of US 2020 Election Results

In Arizona, where the majority of voters have long cast ballots by mail, officials expect to finish counting ballots on Wednesday.

November 4 at 8;30 am, In Wisconsin, the cities of Milwaukee and Green Bay, among several others, including Kenosha and Beloit, are still waiting to count votes cast before Election Day.

November 4 at 9;30 am There is still a large share of uncounted votes in Pennsylvania’s most populous counties, including Philadelphia and Allegheny (Pittsburgh), and the largest suburban county, Montgomery.

November 4 at 9; 25 am, there is still a large share of uncounted votes in Pennsylvania’s most populous counties, including Philadelphia and Allegheny (Pittsburgh), and the largest suburban county, Montgomery.

Steve Bullock conceded the Montana Senate race to Senator Steve Daines. “I am sufficiently idealistic enough to believe that Washington could work a lot better,” Bullock said.

The North Carolina race was the most expensive advertising battle in Senate history, according to Advertising Analytics. The campaigns spent nearly $260 million on ads.

Trump entered the White House’s East Room at 2:21 a.m. and told a crowd of maskless supporters it was “the latest news conference I’ve ever had.”

November 4 at 2;07 am Erie County, Pa., counted 13,121 mail ballots, which Biden won 5 to 1. There are 37,000 mail votes still out; Dems expect him to carry them by at least 3 to 1. That means he would win this bellwether county.

Democrats’ hopes gaining control of the Senate are fading after Republicans Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Joni Enrst of Iowa won their re-election campaigns. Control of the Senate may come down to a Georgia special election that has gone to a run-off to be held in January. Three Senate seats have flipped: Democrats ousted Republican incumbents in Colorado and Arizona, while Republicans gained a seat in Alabama as reported by Financial Time.

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Trump threatens to go to Supreme Court to stop Vote Count

According to Financial Time, Donald Trump on Wednesday declared that he had beaten Joe Biden despite not securing the 270 electoral college votes needed to win and accused his rival of trying to steal the election with the counting of mail-in ballots.

“We are going to the United States Supreme Court. We want all voting to stop,” Mr Trump said at a press conference in the White House shortly after 2am.

Midnight: Mr Trump won Ohio, Iowa and Florida, all of which are big battleground states
1am: Mr Biden told his supporters to “keep the faith”, saying he was confident of victory and soon after picked up a vote from Nebraska’s second congressional district. Meanwhile, Mr Trump took Texas, another big battleground state

US Election Updates 2020

Get all the latest news update about United State of America Presidential Election Results. Check latest US Election Results.

More updates coming soon, winner of US Election 2020 will be announce by 1pm or there about.


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