Twitter Ban in Nigeria – How to Download VPN to Access your Account

Twitter Ban in Nigeria – How to Download VPN to Access your Account

Finally, Federal Government of Nigeria has banned Twitter in Nigeria indefinitely.  This post will help you to download and install Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access your twitter account. See more details under.

Towards the end of this article you will understand how to download VPN to Access you’re Account via online. Link will be provided to successfully download Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Understanding what VPN stand for

Virtual Private Network (VPN) – A VPN is a Virtual Private Network — a shielded connection that hides your online activity by funneling your internet traffic through a secure, virtual tunnel. You’ll be able to access your Twitter account on any public network with complete privacy and anonymity.

Steps to download/install VPN for Twitter in Nigeria

Follow these simple steps to download “FREE VPNS”

  • Go to Appstore/Playstore
  • Type “FREE VPN” in the search box (I’m using WindScribe)
  • Download any of the top 5 results
  • Open the app, install
  • Choose the country of your dreams as your location.

Note: there are also paid VPN so it is left for you to download your choice (Free or paid) free works perfectly.

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How to install/download Virtual Private Network App

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