Today Latest Npower Batch ABC News April/May 2021 as FMHDSD Gives New Update

Today Latest News coming from The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development about Npower Batches ABC, gets all the latest news update here.

Do you wish to know what Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development said about Npower NEXIT Loan Disbursement for Batch A and B Volunteers or you are looking for latest update about 2021/2022 Npower Batch C Deployment List?

Today FMHDSD Gives New Update about Npower Batches ABC

The Federal Ministry of humanitarian affairs, disaster management, and social development have given a new update regarding NPower batches A, B, and C. In the update, they quoted figures of Npower batches A and B beneficiaries that have become entrepreneurs and the number of batch C to be recruited.

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According to the Ministry, the N-Power Programme was established in 2016 and has enrolled 500,000 batches A and B beneficiaries. Over 109,829 beneficiaries from batches A and B are running thriving SMEs which are the lifeblood of developing economies like Nigeria.

The batch C coming on stream 1 Million beneficiaries to be enrolled facilitated by NASIMS will help FG fulfill its vision of lifting 100 million Nigerians out of poverty in 10 years by upskilling 18-35 years olds Nigerians with skills for entrepreneurship and employability. With batch C success stories will continue.

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The Npower is a key component of the FG’S National Social Investment programmes (NSIP)

Npower has Confimed SMS Sent out to be true

N-Power has confirmed the text message sent out to some NPower batch C Applicants to be true. A new update share on their Twitter page quoted in the image below shows that the SMS is not fake.

So if you have received a message from N-POWER asking you to reconfirm your N-POWER ID, please comply. It is authentic.

The Official Npower Twitter page has confirmed that the message sent out is true.

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N-power Batches A-B-C News Today April/May 2021


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