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Npower Validation email reminded batch B Beneficiaries of Npower Devices see update here

Npower Validation email reminded batch B Beneficiaries of Npower Devices, recently Npower support team has announced that all Npower Agro Beneficiaries should participates in the ongoing Npower Validation Registration.

Yes, it is ongoing now for all Npower Agro volunteers to participate in the online Npower Validation Registration with the provided link.

The invitation of NPower Batch A and B Volunteers by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Ruural development (FMARD) to indicate interest if available to participate in a Nationwide survey (NPower validation registration) has arose N-Power batch B huger for npower device, a situation which is generating reactions.

The email invitation sent to all beneficiaries of Npower Agro has reminded the NPower batch B volunteers on how important the Npower device is, and why they need it. One of the criterial to participate in the FMARD Survey is to have a registered NPower device.

Majority of of the Npower batch B beneficiaries are interested in participating in the FMARD survey but they are yet to collect their NPower device. A situation which is generating questions on when NPower will finally distribute batch B device.

The important of the volunteers to get devices from the Federal government in partnership with the bank of Industry to provide NPower beneficiaries devices to assist them learn new skills and discharge their duties effect at their various places of assignment.

Batch B volunteers are yet to receive devices, a situation which may hinder them to participate in the FMARD NPower validation registration survey. So they are asking if they can participate in the survey without NPower device.

Nevertheless, interested volunteers for 2020 FMARD NPower validation registration can do that through online via their smart phones and cyber café at their convenient time.

How to register for 2020 for 2020 FMARD NPower validation registration via mobile

Use this link here to register https://npagro.fmardpace.ng/agent/register

If you have not receive mail from Npower support team, you can still go ahead and register if really you a Npower Agro Beneficiary.

We assured all Batch B Beneficiaries that their Devices will get to them when it is ready.

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Npower Validation email reminded batch B Beneficiaries of Npower Devices


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