Npower Batch A and B Psychometric Assessment Test likely asked Questions

Npower Batch A and B Psychometric Assessment Test likely Questions: tips to score high

All Npower Batch A and B Beneficiaries will participate in Psychometric Assessment Test for Transition to Government Entrepreneurship and other private sectors. Here you will get tips on how to answers Psychometric Assessment Test to score high.

In few days to come Npower team will conduct a psychometric test on the NPower batch A and B to assess the transition path that is most suitable for each volunteer.  This post helps to compile test questions to give you insight on what psychometric test look like.

There are two different steps employers used to conduct a Psychometric test namely;

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Written assessment tests

Npower Batch A and B Psychometric Assessment Test likely asked Questions

Numerical Test example:

  1. Identify the missing number at the end of this series.
  2. 3, 11, 19, 27, ?
  3. 516, 497, 478, 459, 7
  4. Identify the missing numbers within the series.
  5. 33, ?, 19, 12, 5
  6. 98, 94, ?, 70, 38

Note: the above Numerical questions also come in tabler form.

Verbal Test:

Your ability to spell words correctly is very important in verbal ability test. Questions where you have to identify incorrect spelled words are common in all levels of verbal ability tests.

  1. Verbal ability spelling

Identify the correct spelling

  1. Missile, Misile, missille, misille
  2. committe, committee, commitee, comitee
  3. impliment, implament, implement, implemment
  4. miscellaneous, misellaneous, miscelaneous, misecellaneous
  5. Verbal ability word relationship
  6. King is to throne as judge is to ……?

Answer options: layer, bench, court, trial

  1. square is to cube as circle is to ……?

Answer options: round, ball, pi, sphere

  1. see is to look as feel is to …..?

Answer options: clear, sand, window, stone

  1. Verbal critical reasoning

Verbal reasoning tests your ability to reason logically in verbal terms while critical reasoning tests your reasoning power.

  1. Select the option below which corresponds to the correct answer.

Pedro goes either hunting or fishing every day. If it is snowing and windy then Pedro goes hunting. If it is sunny and not windy then Pedro goes fishing. Sometimes it can be snowing and sunny.

Answer options:

  1. If it is not sunny and it is snowing then Pedro goes hunting
  2. If it is windy and Pedro does not go hunting then it is not snowing
  3. If it is windy and not sunny then Pedro goes hunting
  4. If it is windy and sunny then Pedro goes hunting
  5. If it is snowing and sunny then Pedro goes hunting

Please note better;

The above questions and answers are likely asked question not main question.There are more to the Psychometric test that we did not mention here.

It is left for to research for questions on “fault diagnosis, quantitative, sentence correction, reading comprehension, mechanical reasoning test”

Please note that only NPower can determine which Psychometric test to use in the assessment.

Please dont be afraid of the question, the Psychometric test is like Npower Test during recruitment.

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Check out Npower Batch A and B Psychometric Assessment Test likely asked Questions, the above tips will make to score high

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