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N-Power Payment News for December 2023

Get the latest Npower news update for N-Power Payment Delay for Beneficiaries across the 36 States in Nigeria – read more under to know N-Power Payment delay as Director of Finance and Account NSIP.

N-Power Payment Delay for Beneficiaries

Director of Finance and Account NSIP of the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation explained to the committee during the budget defense the mopped up of N-Power Fund to other Ministries hence the delayed payment of Beneficiaries 9 months Outstanding stipends.

The Director made this known during the Ministry budget defense. The director made the following report to the committee:

  1. The Funds that were mopped up from the Social Investment office were actually recurrent.
  2. The Fund mopped up from the social investment office is N127 billion. These funds were made for Npower Stipends.
  3. All C1 received 15 months of stipends. 12 months for the service year and 3 months exit package.
  4. All C2 received 3 months of stipend payment from October to December 2022
  5. Npower batch C 2 is owed 9 months of stipends from January to September 2023.
  6. Eligible beneficiaries are 440,000 thousands

The Ministry probabily left the fund meant for N-Power beneficiaries unpaid until the Federal Government mopped up the money from the Npower Account to other Ministries.

Although the Minister had earlier stated in one of her interviews that money has been recovered and Beneficiaries of the Npower program will be paid soon, the Ministry director of finance NSIP stated that they are still struggling to get some funds so that they can pay these N-Power beneficiaries their outstanding stipends.

Listen to full text here – https://youtu.be/wDW7YpCN2-A

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