N-power ID Confirmation 2021/2022 – Check here NASIMS ID Confirmation/Verification Portal

N-power Beneficiaries ID Confirmation 2021/2022: if you among applicant that took npower test, Have you heard of the Npower ID confirmation? Have you done your Npower ID verification/confirmation process on the Npower portal? Those that applied for the Npower registration and have done their nasims npower test, we encourage you to carry out this Npower ID confirmation process.

Npower Beneficiaries ID Confirmation 2021/2022 through NASIMS Portal

It is important to confirm your Npower ID on N-power Portal if you received a message from Npower asking you to do so. To all who have seen SMS from N-power as regards to your Npower NASIMS ID, ensure you follow the instructions on this article.

Login immediately to the portal and confirm it online. N-power ID is the Identity Number that is assigned to batch c applicants.

As stated by Npower publication on its social media: If you have received message from N-POWER asking you to reconfirm your N-POWER ID, please comply. It is authentic.

Recently, people have been asking about Npower Identity Verification. Npower have asked applicants to visit the website and do their identity verification, so what is this all about.

Most of npower candidates are eager to know the difference between NASIMS ID and Npower ID. From information we have, Npower ID is used for data collection on the NPVN Portal.

The aim of Npower ID Confirmation is to ensure that every information you provide to them is accurate hence, Npower data collection process. Your Npower ID number we hope you know it by now. Some people are confused what their Npower identity number is.

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Bear it in mind that Npower ID Confirmation process is simple and straight forward. It is left for you to follow the procedures we have provided for you and you should be able to do so.

But you need to understand that Npower wants every candidate to ensure that their Npower ID confirmation has been done correctly to avoid issues later. Please ensure that you do it if you have received a message from Npower asking you to do so.

How to confirm Npower ID 2021/2022 via NASIMS Portal

The information you see on your Npower ID card is from data captured from your ID.

Visit https://nasims.gov.ng/login

  1. Enter your email address or Application ID and Password.
  2. Confirm your ID in the link provided once you login
  3. Update your information that were not correct
  4. The submit your application

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Npower NASIMS Confirmation/Verification ID


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