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How to treat Kidney Disease and Liver Failure with Natural Herbs

Nowadays, herbs are the fastest, safe and best way to treat some diseases and infections. Kidney and liver have important tasks to perform in human body system such as removal of unwanted nitrogenous compounds, ammonium compounds, excessive water and salt from the body and helps in digestion of food but when kidney and liver are infected, they cannot carried out those functions properly.  See more details under.

Any condition that damages the kidney and liver and prevents it from functioning well requires an intensive treatment.

Dandelion, Aloe vera, Ginger have many positive effects on human body though to the highly rated in vitamins (Vitamin A, B,C, E,and K), minerals ,carbohydrates insulin which is a type of soluble fiber found in plants that support the growth and maintenance of a healthy bacteria flora in human intestinal tract , anti – oxidants which contain high level of anti – oxidants beta – carotene, which known to provide strong protection against cellular damage and oxidative stress.

They are also rich in anti – inflammation, and helps in blood sugar control in human body, protect liver tissue from toxic substance.

Dandelion greens, Aloe vera, and ginger contains a powerful antimicrobial, anticancer, and antiviral properties, which could support human system to fight infections, protect the human outer body (skin) against sun rays aging, irritation such as acne., and keep the bones strong.

I will enlighten you about the best natural, moderate package with pure and unique herbs available to end kidney and liver diseases by preparing dandelion tea with dandelion greens, aloe vera, and ginger.

Symptoms of acute kidney Disease

  • Swollen ankles, Feet’s, or hands as aretention, water retention
  • Weight loss or poor appetite
  • Shortness of breath or always feeling sick
  • Tiredness
  • An increased need to pee ( urinate especially at night).
  • Blood in the Pee (urine).
  • Constant headaches
  • Erectile dysfunction in men
  • Difficulty sleeping (insomnia)
  • Itchy skin

If you are experiencing any of these listed sickness above, don’t worry I will tell you how to end it or them in just 3 weeks.

Here is the ingredients required to prepare the mixture:

  1. Dandelion greens or leaves
  2. Aloe vera
  3. Ginger
  4. Pure honey (Optional)

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Instructions on how to prepare above herbs

  • Get a pot and add 1 liter of water into the pot
  • Wash your dandelion greens thoroughly to avoid dirty, then put it into the pot
  • Slice and scrap a sizeable aloe vera gel and ginger, add both inside the pot.
  • Allow it to boil for about 25- 35 minutes till the water changes colour ( yellowish – brownish color).
  • Then you can bring it down from the fire allow to cool a bit,
  • Sieve or leave it inside the pot for every morning warning for one week then you can prepare another flesh dandelion tea.

Steps on how to drink it

Drink 1 cup of this mixture every morning on an empty stomach, for constant 3 weeks. Don’t take more than one cup a day. Warning: While taking this tea don’t combine it with other medications especially certain diuretic and antibiotics except adding your pure honey (1teaspoon).


Blessed Vitus is the Founder and a Publisher at Efficiencyview.com. A seasoned online Publicist and a Geologist

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