How to recover Npower Nasims Forgotten Password and Fix BVN already used Issues

How to recover Npower Nasims Forgotten Password and Fix BVN already used Issues

This article is all about how to recover Npower Nasims Forgotten Password and Fix BVN already used Issues for Successful Shortlisted Applicants who are finding it difficult to do Biometric Verification. Shortlisted candidates will found this article very interesting because it will help them proceed with their thumbprint. See more information under:

Are you trying to login to check if you were shortlisted or finding it difficult to login to do biometric enrollment as directed by Npower Nasims Support Team.

How to recover Npower Nasims Forgotten Password

It has come to our notice that selected Npower applicants are still battling with NASIMS Porta to login into the portal to check if they are Shortlisted for the biometrics fingerprint capturing.

If your name were among Npower stream 2 applicants who can’t remember their Nasims portal profile password login details, tips below will assist you further.

To recover your password visit Nasims link portal here

Click on forgotten password to get your login details back

If that doesn’t work for you, use Npower ID Number to do Biometric fingerprinting.

Using Npower ID can only if you can remember your Npower ID and are selected for biometrics. Your Npower ID is the number that starts with NPWR/2020/XXXXXX that can be found in your profile. Using Npower ID will help you to access the nasims portal to see if you are Shortlisted for biometrics so the only thing to do is go to the cyber cafe with your Npower ID and have the cybercafe operator use the nasims portal directly to capture your fingerprint.

To resolve your password issue with the Npower Nasims support team. You can send your complaints to them via or call 01888540, 092203102, 018888148 or 018888189

How to Fix BVN already used Issues for N-power Shortlisted Names for Biometric

For applicants seeing BVN already used Issues each time they click on the fingerprint verification button, it will take them to a form which when trying to filled will lead them eventually to getting a response saying BVN has been used already, this page will help you out.

All you need to do is to bypass filling the form that pop-up when you click the capture fingerprint button on your Nasims dashboard. You can do that by directly using the nasims biometrics fingerprint capturing software which I believe if you visit any of the cyber cafe doing Npower verification will already have downloaded.

Successful applicant’s will use their Npower ID number to login to the downloaded Nasims biometrics fingerprint capturing software to capture your fingers at the cyber cafe.

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