How to create Facebook Business Ad to reach billions of customers through your page

Facebook Business Ad is a good idea for everyone who owns a business. Now mostly, all businesses are view through online with mobile app or mobile phone number. It is very necessary to advertise your business through Facebook Business Ad to reach billions of customers. It is very simple and easier to create an ad. See more details under.

Are you interested advertising your business via online by creating an ad that will help showcase your business to reach billions of customers through your page? To start advertising your business, you create an ad to get started.

Remember you can as well promote your business/page to reach billions of customers/viewers through your page. Please note that is for free, if you are interested you need to pay small money to get started.

Let me introduce you to this. Are you aware with Audience Network, you can run campaigns across publishers and environments using Facebook targeting capabilities, ad formats and management tools. Your ads will reach people on a growing network of high-quality mobile apps and websites, especially in gaming apps where players are deeply engaged.

How to create a Facebook Business ad through your page

  • To get started you must have a Facebook Page created by you through your facebook account.
  • Then enter Facebook Business web page to continue the process.
  • Click here to create Ad online

Facebook Targeting

This platform is targeting capabilities that help you connect with people on Facebook platforms can help you reach more people on thousands of mobile apps and websites.

Facebook Mobile App

Get access to mobile in-app inventory at scale, including gaming app inventory. Choose from native, rewarded videos and interstitial ad formats.

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How to create Facebook Business Ad to reach billions of customers through your page


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