How to contact Survival Fund Artisan/Transport States Focal Person for Registration

To contact Survival Fund Artisan/Transport States Focal Person for Registration is very simple and easy just follow the procedures which I will list here. Registration for Survival Fund Artisan/Transport Application Form is out register here.

You can now register for Survival Fund Artisan/Transport category through your State Focal Person. This article will list out all the 36 states Focal Person contact and phone number.

States Survivalfund Enumerators have commenced Registration for Survivalfund Artisan/Transport Support across the 36 states.

At the end of selection process, Survivalfund will Provide 333,000 Artisans and Transport business operators with a N30,000 operations grant to reduce the effects of income loss.

Documents to be submitted during registration to your focal person

The functions of Enumerators are to collate the names of those interested in the scheme.

Interested applicants will have to submit their name to their association leaders; the leaders will in return forward these names to the enumerators.

Survivalfund Enumerators are going round to register Self-employed Individuals in the following categories:

Service providers in the transportation sector. i.e. Bus drivers, Taxi drivers, Ride share drivers,(Uber, BoltTaxify etc) and Mechanics, Artisans, Electricians, Plumbers etc.

How to contact Survival Fund Artisan/Transport States Focal Person

If you are interested to register for Survival Fund Artisan/Transport States Focal Person, the link I will provide below will help you to register successfully and you will be able to contact your state focal person.

CLICK HERE to view your state focal Persons Contact information for inquiries.

Register here

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Survival Fund Artisan/Transport Registration Starting date 2020/2021


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