4 Health Benefits of cooking with Palm oil – A must read

4 Health Benefits of cooking with Palm oil – A must read

This article is all about the Health Benefits of cooking with Palm oil or taking it occasionally, here I will list out Health Benefits of Red Oil that you don’t know. Read below carefully to learn more.

Palm oil is the Red thick oil pressed out of palm fruits. This oil is said to have originated from Africa, owing to the fact that it thrives more in the tropics and relatively less in the temperate regions. There is another variety of oil obtained from palm as well.

This is usually almost colourless like groundnut oil, that isn’t the one our focus shall lie on but the red thick one. Here in Nigeria, they are the commonest kind of oil used in virtually all local dishes. Most tribes herein cannot do without using palm oil in preparing one soup or another.

Have you been using this oil to cook? There are couple health benefits I would love to open your mind to, with respect to that. This oil portrays several advantages as well as disadvantages.

Health Benefits of Red Palm oil

  • Capable of Reducing the Risk of Stroke – Several studies have showed that our local palm oil is capable of significantly reducing the risk of suffering a cerebrovascular injury, popularly known as stroke. Beside that, red oil was also shown to be the most important source of tocotrienol. Tocotrienol is an antioxidant that provides significant neuroprotection on the brain. This protection is the reason it used usually employed in the treatment of stroke patients.
  • Helps the Heart – Palm oil when used moderately has been proved to support cardiovascular health in several ways. This effect is heavily connected to its rich embodiment of tocotrienols and mixed carotenes found in fresh red palm oil.
  • May Reduce Risk of Cancer – Among the most potent anticancer compound known is tocotrienol. This is found in palm oil. It helps block and gets rid of harmful free radicals hereby stopping them from causing oxidative damages to vital body organs. An oxidative damage is the genesis of cancer.
  •  It Helps Vision – Vitamin A which is very necessary for vision is richly contained in palm oil. Recall that deficiency of vitamin A in the body is the cause of night blindness. Palm oil however, is capable of enhancing the absorption of vitamin A in the intestines. It is also loaded with alpha- and beta- carotenes; these are important precursors in the synthesis of vitamin A

Bad effects of Palm Oil

  • Capable Of Causing Heart Disease – When Abused Among all these benefits portrayed by red oil, its abuse can lead to heart disease because it contains a large quantity of unsaturated fatty acids. These fats can clog the arteries when in excess and this is the genesis of heart diseases.

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