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3 Foods for a Healthy Heart – If you want a Healthy Heart

Who doesn’t want a healthy Heart? 3 good Foods I will list below will help you to maintain a healthy Heart. Actually, there are people from whose lifestyle we can tell they don’t want a healthy heart. These are those who smoke like a chimney, drink excessively, and eat junk foods every minute.

However, if you want a healthy heart, there are certain foods that you should get conversant with, as well as learn to incorporate them into your regular diet. Below are 3 foods you should eat regularly if you want a healthy heart.

Lists of 3 Foods for A Healthy Hearth

Olive oil

Many people don’t really know the importance of olive oil, and apart from those who use it for religious purposes, many are still ignorant of its use as cooking oil.

Olive oil is the best oil for your heart, as it has no high cholesterol levels like other oils, and as such, it helps to even lower the body cholesterol.


Despite its high acidic nature, oranges are the major fruits for anybody who is trying to maintain and keep a well functioning healthy heart. This is due to its cholesterol-fighting fiber pectin, and also the amount of potassium it contains which it uses to control the body blood pressure, as well as lower high ones.


One can never go wrong with garlic. Garlic is one spice that has an application in a myriad of various health issues, and as such, it can be used to take care of the heart, as well as improve it considerably. This is due to the allicin in it that helps lower the body cholesterol.

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3 Best Heart Healthy Foods


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