13 Lists of Google Desktop Applications Products

13 Lists of Google Desktop Applications Products

Here I will list out all Google Desktop Applications Products and their uses you may not know. The aim of this article is to create awareness to the general public on Google Desktop Applications Products; you might be interested in any of the Google Desktop Applications.

Google Desktop Applications Products/Uses

  1. AdWords Editor: desktop application to manage a Google Adwords account; lets users make changes to their account and advertising campaigns before syncing with the online service.
  2. Drive File Stream: file syncing software that works with the business edition of Google Drive
  3. Google Chrome: a web browser – download here
  4. Google Earth: virtual 3D globe that uses satellite imagery, aerial photography, GIS from Google’s repository.
  5. Google IME: input method editor that allows users to enter text in one of the supported languages using a Roman keyboard
  6. Google Japanese Input: Japanese input method editor
  7. Google Pinyin: input method editor that is used to convert Pinyin characters, which can be entered on Western-style keyboards, to Chinese characters
  8. Google Toolbar: web browser toolbar with features such as a Google Search box, pop-up blocker, and ability for website owners to create buttons
  9. Android Studio: integrated development environment for Android
  10. Google Web Designer: WYSIWYG editor for making rich HTML5 pages and ads intended to run on multiple devices
  11. Backup and Sync: client software to synchronize files between the user’s computer and Google Drive storage
  12. Tilt Brush: painting game for the Vive and Oculus Rift
  13. Google Trends Screensaver: a screensaver showing the Google Trends in a customizable colorful grid for macOS

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