Zambia 2021 Election Result Update as Hichilema UPND Party took an early lead over incumbent Edgar Lungu

Early result from Zambia has put opposition leader Hichilem for the lead, this update coming from the ongoing 2021 Election Result in Zambia. See more details under.

Zambia 2021 Election Result Update as Zambia’s opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema took an early lead in the country’s presidential election over incumbent Edgar Lungu, according to the first results from the electoral commission early on Saturday.

An estimated 7 million people registered to vote in presidential and parliamentary elections that saw top contender Hichilema, a successful businessman, challenge Lungu’s attempt to win a second five-year term.

Meanwhile, Hichilema took to Twitter to accuse the ruling party of ordering a social media shutdown. He urged Zambia’s telecoms regulator to “unblock the internet so citizens can follow the electoral process and continue with their lives unhindered”

On Twitter and Facebook, Zambians said they were using virtual private networks (VPNs) to circumvent the restrictions on the internet.

Zambia 2021 Election Result Update

Hichilema tallied 171,604 votes versus the 110,178 garnered by Lungu in the results for 15 of the southern African nation’s 156 constituencies.

15 constituencies include perceived Lungu strongholds, suggesting that Hichilema has gained ground since the last elections in 2016, when he lost by a slim margin in contested elections marred by allegations of rigging by Lungu.

According to report, a total of 296,210 votes were cast in those constituencies, representing a 71.75% turnout rate, chief electoral officer Patrick Nshindano told a media briefing in the capital Lusaka.

Earlier report shows that first results, initially expected on Friday, were delayed after counting went on overnight due to the huge voter turnout and because political parties objected to the electoral commission’s initial figures in one constituency, which differed with those from monitors on the ground.

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