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Watch Davido new released Dolce & Gabanna’ song features Summer Walker see full video here

Davido donates the proceeds Dolce & Gabanna’ song to research into COVID-19; Finally Davido, has released the video to his hit ‘Dolce & Gabanna’ song and is donating the proceeds to research into COVID-19, following his fiancée, Chioma’s experience with the pandemic.

For Davido, this has been personal ever since his fiancée, Chioma, tested positive for the virus. Music superstar, Davido, announced that all the proceeds from the video will go to support the fashion house’s Dolce & Gabbana and Humanitas Together for Coronavirus Research fund.

Watch video here https://youtu.be/bu5NA6Ypm1w

Davido said: “I was on tour; she was in London with my son. When we all came back to Nigeria, we were like, because we have travel history, I think it’s best we get tested.

“We had no symptoms. Nobody in the house had symptoms. Out of all 34 of us that got tested, she was the only one that came out positive, which was crazy to us.”

According to Davido Nigeria has been hit hard by the virus, which was why his family donated $1.3 million to the Federal Government in Nigeria and also distributed over 6,000 bags of rice across the Osun State.

Checks on Youtube on Saturday, showed that the two minutes 53 seconds ‘Dolce & Gabanna’ video, uploaded on Friday April 24, 2020, already had 554,093 views.

Download the full video here https://youtu.be/bu5NA6Ypm1w

Full video features Summer Walker

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Watch Davido new released Dolce & Gabanna’ song features Summer Walker


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