Npower Beneficiaries Agitation for Permanency

Npower Beneficiaries Agitation for Permanency – A must read

Npower Agitation for Permanency, this post is for all Beneficiaries of Npower Programme as Federal Government are planning to disengage batch A Volunteers. We promised to bring updates about npower scheme.

How Guardian NEWSPAPER Deceived 500,000 Npower Beneficiaries and Other Nigerians by Dairo Olugbenga Ayobami Emmanuel

Social Media was on fire on Friday being 28th May, 2020 owing to the publication credited to Guardian Newspaper that the Federal Government is about to disengage 500,000 npower beneficiaries by the end of May.
The newspaper in question which is believed to be facing financial crisis arising from the aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic is looking for a way of raising money and the only way out for them at the moment is to come up with a misleading headlines in order to sell their papers.

In the report, Guardian Newspaper quoted one Assistant Director by name Rhoda of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management that by the end of May, the Federal Government of Nigeria is going to sack 500,000 Npower Beneficiaries in order to give other Nigerians opportunity to benefit.

This is a lie from the pit of hell as there has never been such a statement from the Ministry.
Common sense they say is not common, who is that Director to issue such a huge statement on behalf of President Muhammadu Buhari?
As the Minister in charge of the Ministry been sacked in proxy?

You recall that the Minister in charge of the Ministry, Hajiya Sadiya Farouq said on NTA April, 2020 that the Beneficiaries shall be moved to “Permanent Job” as a fulfillment to “enhancement scheme” President Muhammadu Buhari promised the beneficiaries from the beginning of the scheme.

The video clip of this interview is on the internet and in the Beneficiaries phones for anybody to verify.
Now at what point has government come up to say that 500,000 Nigerians who are on small stipend of N30,000 monthly would be sent to labour Market without option B or plan B as promised?
Data available shows that the unemployment rate of Nigeria is about the worst in the world with graduates turning out every day.

How do you now think Government can be insensitive to disengage 500,000 npower beneficiaries to join unemployment index when the Militants are on the monthly stipend of N65,000 unhindered in the last ten years?

Though, the Npower beneficiaries have unanimously called on President Muhammadu Buhari to relief the Minister in Charge of Npower of her job due to her incompetent leading to delay of their monthly stipend but there is never a time the Ministry has issued a statement without the Minister’s approval.
Was the purported news by Guardian credited to Minister Sadiya Farouq?

Again, is Guardian Newspaper making Nigerians to believe that the Minister has already been sacked thereby giving room for staff of the Ministry to be acting on her behalf?
While advising Npower Beneficiaries to remain resilient and press home for permanency whom they all deserve, they should also disregard all form of speculating journalism and propaganda.

It is impossible and unacceptable to think of going back to the street without a better option for Npower beneficiaries.

Finally, while we expect Minister Sadiya Farouq to come out and address Nigerians on Guardian Newspaper’s publication in question, we also demand her to address Nigerians on such much enhancement scheme for Npower Beneficiaries.
Long live Federal Republic Of Nigeria
Long Live President Muhamadu Buhari

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Npower Beneficiaries Agitation for Permanency

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