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Nexit Selected Applicants for Training complained over EDIs Business Plan Fee

Here I will be giving the latest npower news about Nexit Selected Applicants for Training, if you are among the selected applicants you need to read this post carefully to know what is happening after a successful training. See latest news about Entrepreneur Development Institutes (EDIs) Business Plan Fee.

Majorly, Nexit applicants are complaining about their EDI forcefully subjecting them to pay a fee for a business plan which some of them said they can write on their own. They have invited Npower Nigeria Management Team to look into it for further clarification.

News about Entrepreneur Development Institutes Business Plan Fee

According to a complaint laid by a Nexit applicant on one of the volunteer’s social discussion platforms, he states that this EDI is causing panic in the heart of our people and cajoling them to pay this fee forcefully, an indirect threat that those of us that are not willing to pay would not have our attendance and application (business plan) that we did ourselves submitted.

Nexit applicant said, most of us, if not all, are graduates, some of us are professional businessmen that only need this loan to expand our business, some of us are Consultants even in business plan writing and any feasibility study.

As in, what is the essence if you trained a graduate on how to do something, and then you’re still insisting on doing it for him? That only means you the trainer have failed in your responsibility if you still believe they cannot do it on their own. This is a pure scam, our people suffer a lot and expends a lot, through the process of registering for this nexit, getting shortlisted, and even attending the training without any allowance, he added.

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He made mention of a particular Entrepreneur Development Institutes (EDIs)  responsible for Ekiti training, saying that it has initially released a free online business plan template which many have written themselves, and some that could not write on their own consulted experts to write and fill the business plan for them,

Expending on that again, only for the EDI! to discard everything after almost a month and called up everything after almost a month and come up with their own ‘pay and get online’s template which could only Generate a business plan for 27 business, and for those that intend to do the same business will definitely have the same business proposal layout with only the personal details differentiating their acclaimed perfect business plan. This is a big scam in the shade of agony.

Nexit applicant further said, they will only take orders from Npower to go ahead and pay this EDI before they could succumb to their threats.

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