Trader Moni Mobile Wallet

How to use Trader Moni Mobile Wallet to get Loan and repay Trader Moni Loan

Trader Moni Mobile Wallet is a way to carry your credit and debit card information in a secure digital form on your mobile device, this post will help you on how make use of Trader Moni Mobile Wallet to get Loan and Repay Trader Moni Loan via your Mobile.

Federal Government understands the plight of the over 20 million Nigerians in petty business and in dire need of capital to grow their businesses. These Nigerians rarely have bank accounts, and are usually not “interesting” or “profitable” to traditional lenders. They cannot access loans to trade, and they therefore remain in a cycle of poverty. Federal Government is on a mission to break this poverty cycle.

TraderMoni can ease your “business cash” problems and make your life better.

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Is TraderMoni a BOI loan? NO.

TraderMoni is a loan from the Federal Government of Nigeria. The loan is only being administered by BOI, being a bank with the structures and processes to reach out applicants and deliver loans at large scale.

Market Moni Registration is on apply here

What you need to know about Trader Mon Mobile Wallet to get Loan and repay Trader Moni Loan via your Mobile

The Trader Moni Mobile Wallet is like a bank account on your device, with your phone number serving as your Account Number.

Those that applied for Federal Government TraderMoni don’t need a bank account or BVN to collect your first TraderMoni interest free loan. The process is hassle-free & easy, because the idea behind the initiative is to make lives better for petty traders and artisans.

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Federal Government Trader Moni beneficiaries’ 10,000 Naira loan is usually paid into your Mobile Wallet, from where you can withdraw, transfer or purchase airtime.

Do you wish to apply for Trader Moni?

Click here to apply  or Download Form here

How to use Trader Moni Mobile Wallet to get Loan

To make use of Trader Mon Mobile Wallet, all you need to do, download the App via your mobile phone through Here steps to register and create account will come up, follow the instruction as displayed.

Steps to repay Trader Moni Loan

To repay you loan, walk into any of listed bank below tell the bank you want to pay your BOI-GEEP loan on PayDirect. Give them your phone number & amount you want to pay that is all.

To repay your Trader Moni loan, walk into any of the following banks:

  • GTB
  • UBA
  • Ecobank
  • Union Bank
  • Stanbic
  • Sterling
  • Wema
  • Fidelity
  • Heritage

Trader Moni Mobile Wallet

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Trader Moni Mobile Wallet

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