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How to register and create account for 2020/2021 Bitcoin World Series of Trading – WSOT – Competition

Bitcoin World Series of Trading (WSOT) Competition Registration is ongoing, Application Portal to win Prize of 200 Bitcoins worth $2.4 million is still open, interested applicants can still register before the closing date.

This post will help those who are not aware of the 2020/2021 Bitcoin World Series of Trading (WSOT) Competition to register online before the deadline as earlier announced by the competition team.

Successful beneficiaries would receive Prize of 200 Bitcoins worth $2.4 million at the grand finale, to apply apply online you need to create account via application Form Portal. We published this post in other to help those interested to register and create account successfully.

Quick Fact: BTC holds a maximum supply of about 21 million digital coins of which there are about 18.5 million in circulation, while about 4million BTCs have already been lost forever. These reveal that its definite supply protects the asset against inflationary assets like cash.

Are you eager to participates, application Form Portal is still opened and is expected to close soon. Register now. About 12,368 participants are currently pursuing 200 Bitcoin (BTC) in prize money valued around $2.4 million, according to data from WSOT’ website;

How to sign up to remita and make payment

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Bybit is hosting thousands of crypto fans for its World Series of Trading, or WSOT competition. Register online to participate.

How to register for 2020/2021 Bitcoin World Series of Trading (WSOT) Competition

Register 2020/2021 World Series of Trading (WSOT) competition by clicking here.

  1. Create account through Email Registration or Mobile Registration
  2. Fill all the necessary spaces then continue
  3. Already have an account login to access your dashboard

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WSOT Summer 2020 BTCUSD Competition Application Form Portal


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