How to prevent/Survive Soot to avoid Respiratory Tract Infections & Cancer

How to prevent/Survive Soot to avoid Respiratory Tract Infections & Cancer

Environmental Health Tips to prevent/Survive Soot: This article is all about how to survive Soot to avoid Respiratory Tract Infections & Cancer if you are living in environment where you experience Black or Brown Soot. Are you living in environment where bunkery business is going on? This tips I will list below will help you to survive in such area.

In an environment where Soot occur, residents wear Nose Mask not only for Covid-19/Omicron Variant Spread but a way to prevent/Survive Soot to avoid Respiratory Tract Infections & Cancer.

What is Soot?

Soot is a deep black powdery or flaky substance consisting largely of amorphous carbon, produced by the incomplete burning of organic matter.

Sources of Soot

Most significant sources of soot are diesel engines, vehicle tailpipes, coal plant smokestacks, oil refineries, and fires.

Environmental Health Tips to prevent/Survive Soot

A recent BBC report states that there is a 4% increase in respiratory illnesses in Rivers State, Bayelsa State and all Oil Producing States and in 5years times there will be an increase in respiratory tract infections and cancer.

Causes of Soot to your Health

  • Respiratory tract infections
  • Cancer
  • It May weaken your Lungs/ Infection of Lungs etc

How to prevent/Survive Soot in your Environment

  • Clean your room/house regularly: The soot usually settles on surfaces inside and outside the house. Mop floors and clean surfaces with damp clothes more often, daily if possible. This is very important if you’ve got kids around.
  • Reduce ambient air in the house by keeping the windows shut or curtains down. This is best if you have an air conditioning system due to the heat. But it helps reduce the entrance of dirty air into your house.
  • Clean your AC air filter weekly, and you’ll be surprised. Whether at home or office, please do this for your health sake. The soot is trapped there, so clean up. Also, clean your window net.
  • Reduce outdoor activities if possible: Outdoor activities such as morning jogging are now dangerous! I repeat, dangerous! The high humidity during early hours makes the air heavy with soot and its risky for you while engaging in any cardiovascular exercise.
  • Change your beddings more often if you leave your windows open. The same applies to your curtains. Also, flip the clothes you dry outside before taking them inside.
  • Drink lots of water and take lots of vitamin C enriched foods/fruits. You might want to invest in vitamin C supplements too
  • Do not try to abuse antibiotics in this period due to constant flu and cough. Please go and see a doctor.
  • Ensure you raise your voice and demand action from the government, keep doing so until they find a lasting solution.

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