How to apply/register for Conditional Cash Transfer for households across Nigeria

How to apply/register for Conditional Cash Transfer for households across Nigeria

Conditional Cash Transfer Registration Form is for Poor and Vulnerable households in Nigeria across the 36 States of Federation in different 774 Local Government Areas. See how to apply/register online through the link portal I will provide here.

Have you heard about Conditional Cash Transfer? This post will help you to know more about Federal Government Conditional Cash Transfer Scheme Programme and how to apply online.

The Scheme is among Federal Government of Nigeria’s National Social Investment Programmes, also known as the NSIP’s.

Quick Fact about FG Conditional Cash Transfer

The Federal Government of Nigeria has partnered with the World Bank under a National Social Safety Nets Project (NASSP) to support the development of safety nets with the hope of reducing the number of vulnerable persons within the country.

To implement NASSP, the Government has established a National Social Safety Net Coordinating Office (NASSCO) to coordinate existing social safety net programs at the Federal level, and a Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) under the National Social Investment Programmes to operate safety net transfers to targeted poor and vulnerable households across Nigeria.

List of Categories of Cash Transfers under the CCT

Conditional Cash Transfer: This transfer supports the poor and vulnerable to improve household consumption with the aim of reducing poverty and preventing the vulnerable from falling further into poverty and building resilience to withstand shock.

Top-up: The top-up transfer aims at responding to deficiencies in capacity and lack of investment in human capital. It creates an incentive for extreme poor households to invest in education, health and nutrition, environment and productivity.

Application Eligibility/Requirements for Conditional Cash Transfer

All States in Nigeria are eligible to participate in the program, subject to fulfilling certain conditions. All households identified as poor and vulnerable through a selection process designed by the National Social Registry, are eligible for Conditional Cash Transfers. Payments are, however, made to only those who fall below the proxy means test, having been identified as needy and deserving.

Benefits of Conditional Cash Transfer for Successful Beneficiaries

  • Monetary benefit of N5,000.00 per month per household and a top-up upon fulfillment of certain conditions.
  • Capacity building to empower beneficiaries on life skills, entrepreneurial/ technical skills, financial inclusion and encouraging the formation of savings groups.
  • Coaching and mentoring support to improve beneficiaries’ economic status and boost their income.

How to apply/register for Conditional Cash Transfer Programme

For more information on how to apply, please visit

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Conditional Cash Transfer official website

Conditional Cash Transfer Registration Form Link Portal

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