Health Insurance in Nigeria: How to register for Special Health Insurance Scheme

In this article I will enlighten our visitors more on Health Insurance in Nigeria, how to locate Health Insurance and steps to register on Special Health Insurance Scheme via online. Get more information below.

Health Insurance in Nigeria Registration Form Portal will be provided towards the end of this article, those who wish to apply and register online can make use of this link under to register and make payment.

Understanding what is Health Insurance

Health Insurance is social security system that guarantees the provision of needed health services to persons on the payment of token contributions at regular intervals. Health Insurance in Nigeria can be applied to a few instances: free health care provided and financed for all citizens, health care provided by government through a special health insurance scheme for government employees and private firms entering contracts with private health care providers.

According to Journal by College of Medicine University of Nigeria, Nigerian National Health Insurance scheme (NHIS) is planned to attract more resources to the health care sector and improve the level of access and utilization of healthcare services. It is also intended to protect people from the catastrophic financial implications of illnesses.

Cost and values for Health Insurance in Nigeria

Health Insurance in Nigeria Registration of dependants (Children and Parents) typically cost around N9,000 per head. For private health care service, individual plans start from N35,000 to N220,000 and family plans range from N125,000 to N650,000.

As stated by Ayodeji – The truth is that Health Insurance in Nigeria is about N10,000 minimum per person per year. It may also cost about N80,000 minimum per family per year. (A family is described as containing one father, one mother and four children who must be biological children of either or both couple).For people in paid employment, the rates can be as low as stated. Voluntary Contributors Social Health Insurance program (VCSHIP) is being run by the Federal Government at N15,000 per person per year. There are however, State Government run health schemes that range from N4,200 per child and N35,000 per adult.

How to register for Special Health Insurance Scheme

You can register through National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) You can register online. Go to and click on ‘Register’. However, details such as surname, NHIS number and date of birth are required in order to register online. That way, you will be able to manage your account and see the information of your dependants.


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