Covid-19 Young Leaders Fund Application Form 2021/2022 – Register Here

Registration Form Link Portal for 2021/2022 Covid-19 Young Leaders Fund Application Form is now opened for interested and qualified Candidates across the globe, Apply now!

How to apply for 2021/2022 will not be the problem after reading this article, towards the end I will list all requirements for a successful application vi online.

About – The Covid-19 Young Leaders Fund is established to fund initiatives from young leaders around the world which are directly battling the Coronavirus pandemic with tangible front-line results.

From producing face masks and providing hand sanitizer in remote areas, to provide tech to community health workers, to ensuring refugee communities can access government health advice – the Covid-19 Young Leaders Fund welcomes a variety of solutions from all walks of life.

One Young World believes that young leaders are part of the most connected, informed, and resourceful generation in human history. Their capacity for innovation, understanding of digital tools and high levels of social responsibility make them a powerful actor in addressing any humanitarian challenge, especially this pandemic.

This is a programme designed to support young leaders who are tackling the Covid-19 pandemic on the frontlines. Please read this page carefully before applying for a grant or emailing our team with your questions. We recommend taking all of the guidance into account before you submit your proposal.

Requirements for 2021/2022 Covid-19 Young Leaders Fund Application Form

1.) Focussed on the SDG’s with a clear connection to combatting Covid-19, for example:

  • SDG 3: producing medical supplies to tackle the infection or symptoms of the virus
  • SDG 4: providing resources to disadvantaged children to support the continuation of education during school closures
  • SDG 5: protecting victims of domestic violence during lockdown
  • SDG 6: providing sanitation resources to help prevent the spread of the virus
  • SDG 8: creating work for unemployed persons in vital sectors

2.) All countries around the world

3.) Producing direct, quantifiable impact

4.) Apolitical in nature

5.) Must not be operated for profit

6.) Impacting >500 people directly

7.) Focussed on assisting the most vulnerable in society

8.) Operational (or ready to start within 3 weeks of application submission)

9.) Founded and/or managed by young leaders (aged approximately 18-35)

10.) Applications must be submitted in the English language to be reviewed

11.) Operating in accordance with WHO’s scientific guidance

12.) For details on successfully funded projects click here [Internal note: Redirect to Grant Programmes]

How to apply/register for 2021/2022 One Young World Covid-19 Young Leaders Fund

Interested persons should: Click here to apply

Step-By-Step Process

1.) Submit your Application
The proposal must be submitted within the deadline specified in the advertisement of the call for application and filled in via the official application form. This includes a request for the following information:

a.) “Business” Plan – set out the organisation and initiatives background, objectives, structure and methods

b.) Budget Plan – set out a clear plan of how you would use the funds

c.) Documentation to verify the legal status of your initiative

d.) Contact details for 2 references

e.) Images/Video to document the initiative’s impact to date

If you have difficulty uploading this information, please contact

During the process, you will be asked to request a funding amount, for which you should provide an accurate breakdown of proposed expenditure. One Young World recommends requesting between GBP 2,500 – GBP 10,000. This size of grant is designed to ensure that the fund can support various projects, helping people all over the world, maximising the reach and impact of the support.

Successful applicants will be expected to submit key information in line with One Young World’s Monitoring and Evaluation process.

For more information visit:

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