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50 Health Benefits of Pumpkin Leaf

This article is all about the Health Benefits of Pumpkin Leaf also known as Ugu (Vegetable Leaf). One thing about this leaf is that it is cheap, available and could be locally grown in any soil. Read more under.

50 Lists of Health Benefits of Pumpkin Leaf

  1. Rich in anti-oxidants
  2. Pumpkin leaf is rich in folic acid. A vitamin good for the production of red blood cells and for brain and spinal cord development
  3. Pumpkin is a suitable vegetables for Pregnant Women
  4. Children can eat ugu leaf soups or drink its juice
  5. Pumpkin leaf is rich in fibre
  6. Pumpkin relieves constipation
  7. Pumpkin u leaf juice is a natural blood tonic
  8. Pumpkin Leaves are rich in iron
  9. Ugu leaf juice treats insomnia
  10. Boost fertility
  11. Pumpkin leaf boosts libido
  12. Pumpkin leaf boost sperm count
  13. Boost sperm motility
  14. For brain health.
  15. Pumpkin leaves improve eye sight
  16. Regulates female hormones
  17. Pumpkin leaf juice mixed with milk treats erectile dysfunction
  18. Pumpkin leaf is good for the skin
  19. Treats skin diseases
  20. Restores ceased menstruation
  21. Pumpkin leaves is used to treat anemia
  22. Treats anemia in pregnancy
  23. Pumpkin leaves promotes the development of strong bones and teeth
  24. Pumpkin is rich in calcium
  25. Pumpkin leaves is rich in iron
  26. Restores vaginal pH since it is alkaline
  27. Pumpkin leaves are medicinal
  28. Desire smooth and flawless skin? Drink ugu leaf juice daily.
  29. Pumpkin leaves promote kidney health
  30. Ugu leaves promote live health..
  31. Pumpkin leaves promote kidney health
  32. It promote thyroid function
  33. Pumpkin leaves juice promote the healing of stomach ulcer
  34. Pumpkin leave juice is rich in vitamins and minerals
  35. Pumpkin leave juice promote wound health
  36. Ugu leave contains iron that stimulates the bone marrow for production of red blood cells.
  37. Pumpkin leaves are of economic benefits also
  38. Pumpkin leaves boost brain health and memory
  39. Pumpkin leaves are one of the few vegetables that boost immunith against deadly diseases
  40. Prevent pimples.
  41. Pumpkin leaves juice is used as natural blood tonic or blood booster especially for persons with sickle cell anemia
  42. Ugu leaves prevent cancer
  43. Pumpkin leaves promotes hair growth
  44. The leaves nourishes the skin
  45. The zinc and selenium in Ugu leaves aid spermatogenesis
  46. Pumpkin Leaves juice can be used to start your day in the morning
  47. Ugu leaves soup is a perfect delicacy for patients that are recovery from gut surgeries because it contain bulk and fibre
  48. Pumpkin leaves should be part of the meal plan for persons with ulcer , hemorrhoids or chronic constipation.
  49. Ugu leaves calms an elevated blood pressure
  50. Patients with diabetes can drink Pumpkin leaf juice to control their blood pressure.

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